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BSA Care cares about the quality of life. BSA’s passionate family members are here to maximize your quality of life in all circumstances and in all dimensions. BSA care strongly believes in nurturing the concept of familiarity and friendship that’s why we don’t call employee a staff member, we call them family member. Life with BSA is based on your privacy, dignity, independence, Choice, rights, fulfillment, recognition of Individuality and diversity, expression of beliefs, Safety, sustaining relationships with relatives and friends and opportunities for leisure activities.


Tailored Plan

To make a tailored care plan BSA care wants to know
each and everything about your daily routine,
likes/dislikes, hobbies and interests etc. before
the beginning of services one of our family member will
visit you and gather all the information about you and
will involve you in making of your care plan so that
care plan will totally reflect the choice, need and
wants of you. You will have choice to select the career
as well.

Your Hobbies and Interests

How you already spent your life is an important thing for
us to understand. Your BSA family members want to know
about your likes and dislikes as well as your hobbies in
order to keep you feel happy and fulfilled.
Our BSA friendly family members are always ready and
keen to take part with you in general interests, hobbies
and want to encourage you to take part in other healthy
activities as well.
To get yourself fresh and active some physical activities
helps you achieve these goals. BSA friendly family
members create some activities to make you involve which
helps you stay healthy and active in this phase of life.

Your interaction with community

BSA wants its every family member to mingle up with the
community outside of the house.
To enhance the life of our BSA living family members, our
dedicated family members create events and invite the
service users’ and local community to unite and mingle in
with each other. This helps our living family members to
interact with community and give them opportunity to
make friends from all ages and race.

Your Relationships

BSA Care family members welcome your loved ones in your
home at any time. We know the importance of loved ones
in a life that’s why we encourage your loved ones to visit
you frequently at any time in which you are free from daily
We also encourage if your loved ones come and take you
out somewhere for recreation or join you in lunch, dinner
or evening tea so that you can feel fresh and healthy.

Special events

To make real difference in well being of our living family
members, bsa care arrange some special events round the
Our devoted family members always want you to cheer up
so to make this happen they don’t lose any chance of joy
and happiness for you.

Religious and other activities

BSA Care always acknowledge and respect your personal and cultural beliefs and values.Hence we know the importance of religion in one’s life; bsa encourages your right of freedom to express your spiritual needs.
Our family members (staff) will gather information about your religious needs and wants before beginning of service so that we can do some special arrangements in your room if you want us to do so.

BSA Care encourages all its living family members to perform all religious activities as the want to.
Bsa actively encourage all activities involved to make you healthy.This may involve some exercise and fresh air by arranging visit to a near park, shop or a visit to GP by yourself rather than call them in home etc.
Our all activities are tailored according to your demand and taste.

Food & Drink

We provide fresh, hygienic and seasonal cooked food to our living BSA family members as they have suggested us on ‘your choices’ form according to agreement.
Our dedicated special family member chef will cook fresh food daily according to your tailored menu. Our chefs also guide you to help maintain your daily nutritional needs.
We take great care in preparation of special food suggested by doctors.
(We can give some menus here as well or some types of food we are going to provide in different parts of the day)